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Attorney DeBernardis Communications: High Quality, Timely, Responsive, and Complete

Attorney DeBernardis provided the leadership and council needed to obtain the best possible outcome in my criminal matter.    I was pleased and impressed with both the level of effort Attorney DeBernardis demonstrated in my case as well as her communication: high quality, timely, responsive,  and complete.   This experience stands in contrast  to the experience I had with 3 other attorneys.   Attorney Debernardis took the time to understand the unique and complex aspects of my situation, and truly cared about the outcome.    It was clear to me after many appearances that Attorney Debernardis is highly respected by the Court personnnel, including the judges.   Attorney Debernardis’s reputation and relationships helped get theoutcome I desired from the Court.     Additionally, her fees were appropriate and fair given the quality of her engagement and Attorney Debernardis  accurately accounted for her time.    Overall, I would highly recommend Attorney Debernardis to anyone that finds themselves in a difficult and unfortunate legal situation.  

-Ted C.


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