Can I lose my inheritance to child support?

Can I lose my inheritance to child support?

The question you are asking can also be stated as:  Can the Court award child support based on the money I received in an inheritance?

Child support is based on income. It is not based on gifts or inheritances.  For example, if you receive $25,000.00, the Court won’t have you pay support from that.  That said, the court can award support, and find you able to pay it, if you have an inheritance that helps supplement your household expenses.  In other words, if you have extra money because you received an inheritance, then the court won’t decrease a support award based on the guidelines if you claim you do not have an ability to pay or if you experience a decrease in income.  The answer to this question might be different if you receive income from a trust or the like because that could be considered income.  Always best to check with an attorney on your specific situation.

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