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Can I Stop Him From Selling Our Home While Child Is Still in School?


My husband moved out of our home two years ago and moved in with another woman. We have guardianship of my granddaughter who will be graduating from high school in 2018. she is going to be going to college after she graduates. My husband said that as soon as she graduates high school he is going to put our house on the market. My name is not on the deed but I have been contributing to the mortgage for the 23 years that we have lived here, Can I stop him from selling our home while she is in college ?


Meet with a divorce attorney right away. If you contributed to this property for 23 years it is a marital asset. It doesn’t matter in whose name the asset lies. You need to take steps to protect it.

Don’t let him be the one in control of this situation. If the asset is in his name and no actions are pending, you are leaving him free to do what he wants. You need to be proactive here to make sure that he doesn’t refinance/remove equity or sell this asset without a determination by a Court concerning your share of the equity.

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