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Is It Contempt?

Is it contempt if one parent does not pick up children on assigned day It is not necessarily a “contempt” if a parent does not exercise parenting time.  However, if the parent does not present for parenting time and it costs the other parent financially (ie time off...

Can Child Support Get Money from A Second Job?

If I Get a Second Job or Have Additional Income, Will Child Support Be Changed to Include It? In Massachusetts, the court determines whether to consider income from a second job after examining the history of the income (for how long it has been received, whether it...

In MA Is child support based on 2nd income?

Q.  In MA Is child support based on 2nd income? In MA, child support is based upon the income of the parties.  “Income is defined as gross income from whatever source, regardless of whether that income is recognized by the Internal Revenue Code or reported to the...

Parent doesn’t arrive at pickup location on time

Q: Parent doesn’t arrive at pickup location on time.  Do I have to give child to her? This is very fact dependent.  But my advice is always to take a reasonable approach.  If a parent is scheduled to begin parenting time at 3PM and shows up at 3:30PM, you should...

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