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Child Support: Two Part Series on Common Issues – Intro

Certain questions become very common in the practice of divorce and parenting.  Particularly with the commonality of changing jobs more often than in the past and second marriages and/or new relationships post-divorce, issues rise that may not have been an issue many years ago.  This week I am writing about two of those issues that are now common and rise often.

First I will discuss Attribution of Income.  This is when a party experiences a decrease in income and now seeks a reduction in support. The Court, in some circumstances, may determine support using the former, or another, income (called the “imputed income”) rather than using the true current income.

Second, I will discuss how income of a new spouse/significant other figures into my new boyfriend/fiancé/husband’s child support.

Check back and stay tuned for more information as the week moves on!

As always, these situations are very fact specific.  Consult us about your individual situation to be sure that you have accurate, targeted advice for your situation.  To reach me, contact us here online by using our contact form or calling us.

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