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Delphi Murders Update

  • November/December 2021 Update: There have been a couple of updates that may or may not be related to the murder of Abby & Libby.  First, there was a video by the Indiana State Police about a person who had been arrested and charged with multiple accounts of possessing inappropriate material including child pornography and more.  Video is here.  The police were seeking the public’s help in identifying anyone who may have been contacted by someone using the fake internet profile named in that video.  It became apparent that police knew about this behavior since immediately after the murders but there were no charges.  Naturally, this has created an uproar in the online community.  Does this mean that police were working with this man who has now been identified and charged? Was he possibly cooperating and then stopped working with police, leading to charges? Although charges have been filed against him, he has NOT been named a suspect in the Abby Libby case.  Police have continued to be very tight lipped in this case.  We will not know what they know until they make an arrest of the person for the murder of the girls.  Hopefully that is coming very soon.
  • May 2021 Update: As we all work to keep this case in the headlines for as many eyes as possible, we often see other arrests that may appear to be similar to the person who killed Abby & Libby.  Those persons will be investigated thoroughly by the local police, the FBI and State police.  Although law enforcement does want our help, we should remember to call in all tips to the tip line (numbers are below).  Most recently the police in another jurisdiction arrested a man for the assault and attempted murder of a child under 10.  Due to the close proximity of the location, the nature of the attack and his photo having potential resemblance to the bridge guy flyers, he is being investigated for any involvement in the Delphi murders.  We will update you if there is any additional news.
  • Update: As family works to keep this case in the media as much as possible, there are also many online communities working tirelessly to assist that effort.  One person who has worked on Abby & Libby’s case since day 1 is Gray Hughes*.  He has created a detailed crime flow of may have taken place that day, including the proposed bridge encounter and, most recently, a re-worked video of the “bridge guy” (suspect).  The latest video is not new material.  However, it has been re-worked to allow us to see a more natural vision of the bridge guy walking.  The video may help someone recognize something in a person they did not recognize before. As always, when we have more news, we will update you.
  • Update: After the 3rd year anniversary of the death of Abby & Libby, there were 3 new large media stories about the murders of Abby & Libby in Delphi Indiana. Everyone was hoping for a third year Delphi murders update, not only with new information but also to keep it in the out there in front of people so it does not become a cold case.   Two were series type podcasts. (Scene of the Crime and Down the Hill) and one was John Walsh’s In Pursuit. The goal was, with widespread sharing of this case, someone would come forward with useful information. The case is far from cold.  Law enforcement is continuing to work leads which they state come in regularly.  They feel confident that someone holds the key.  Law enforcement has also stated that they travel to other areas to learn about potentially related cases.  As with everything we publish here, if you have anything that will help this case, please contact the tipline at the bottom of this article.

We would like to ask that if you are reading information on Facebook, Reddit or other online sources, please remember not to post anyone’s photo with accusations regarding this case.  Everyone should have the presumption of innocence.  Again, if you have someone you think may be worth a look, send in a tip to the contact numbers below.  You can do this anonymously.  Although you may think your tip will not matter, recall that many killers were brought to law enforcements attention from that one phone call, i.e, Ted Bundy being the most notorious.

Abby & Libby

Abby & Libby were best friends.  They both attended the same school and hung out together whenever possible, like most best friends.  On February 13, 2017, they were home on a school administrative day.  It was one of those unplanned days off from school, an extra left over from snow days not taken.  This would have been a day that most companies and businesses were open.  It was a general work day in other words.  It was a day that not everyone had on their calendar; only those in the local area who may have the need to know the school year calendar, for example. On this day, it was unseasonably nice out for this time of year.  Because of this, the girls asked to go hiking at a popular hiking trail that afternoon.  They would only be gone for maybe 2 hours, with family dropping them off and family picking them up.   It was a spur of the moment trip to a place they both loved.  It was a place populated by others, including kids their age and known to be safe.

They were dropped off just before 2 pm that day.  However, when 3:15 came around, they were unable to be located when family began calling and texting and came for pickup.  After realizing that the girls were not answering calls, family members walked the trails.  Other family members were notified and the police were called.  The response was fast and immediate.  By 4:15, many family members were already arriving and searching the entire area.  They searched until after dark.  They began searching again at daylight the next morning.  There were hundreds of searchers.  Less than 24 hours after they went for a fun day out hiking, both girls were found murdered near the trail a few hundred yards from the large bridge on the trails.  .

What We Know

The police immediately called on the public’s help to solve this murder.  Why? As it turns out, the girls took a photo/video of a man walking on the bridge which was later recovered from one of their Snapchat accounts.  This video provided law enforcement with the best lead yet: a photo and voice recording of the suspect.  Taken without the killer’s knowledge, the girl’s captured a video of the man walking and some audio of his voice as he directed them “down the hill”. Video Clip Here   Police have indicated that there may be more video or audio that they cannot release at this point.

Two years into the investigation,  the police abruptly changed course and released a new sketch of a much younger man, with this new audio from a man saying “Guys, down the hill”.  They asked the public to disregard the original sketch and focus on the new, younger man depicted in the new sketch as well as his voice in the audio clip. This man is often referred to as “BG” or the bridge guy.  Officers asked viewers to focus on the way the main walked in the video and the way he spoke and to call in any tips.  In a very emotionally charged announcement, the police spokesperson stated that they believed the suspect may actually be in the room and that the task force was closing in.  However, no arrest has been made.

Updates to the Case

The public has remained very active in this case.  They have held fundraisers, concerts, and events.  Family members have been on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and the Today Show – all in an attempt to keep the story alive and get the sketch out in front of the eyes of the public, hoping that someone would recognize the face and call in a tip.  The police have received nearly 50,000 tips and they believe they are just one piece of information away from closing this case and finding Abby & Libby’s killer. Police stated that although this case is now on its 3rd year mark, it is far from a cold case.  They vow to work it until it is solved.

There continues to be much interest in finding Abby and Libby’s killer.  However, there are many unfounded theories, speculation and accusations in the online community.  Both the FBI and Indiana State Police have tip lines set up for people who do not wish to communicate within the Delphi community.  You can find the FBI links here:

If you believe you can be of assistance to the police in this investigation, please share this information.  You can call the tipline at: 844.459.5786




*For more information on Gray Hughes Investigates, please visit his website or YouTube channel.

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