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Fair Honest Responsive

I have never been in court. The whole idea of being brought to court was scary and intimidating to me. I phoned several attorneys from the internet. Attorney DeBernardis’ call back was prompt and responsive. Moreover, Attorney DiBernardis was positive and reassuring, though never artificially so. Our preparation was thorough and I felt more comfortable knowing that we were very prepared and ready.

In court, I was very relieved to see that Attorney DiBernardis was comfortable in front of the judge and opposing side. She was organized and spoke with focus, always staying on point. Attorney DiBernardis is very comfortable with court protocol.

If you are looking for an aggressive “pit bull” of an attorney who plays games and uses psychological warfare, then maybe you need to move on and keep looking for the right fit, but if you are looking for a fair and honest and responsive and communicative attorney, then Attorney DiBernardis is a wonderful pick. I appreciate her work on my behalf and would pick her again!