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Property Division

An important part of the divorce process is the distribution of the marital assets.  We will work hard to ensure that you navigate through this process and ultimately receive your fair share of property.

As the years go by in marriage, couples gather property.  You’ve purchased a home.  You’ve filled it with furniture and personal items.  You’ve contributed to certain investments.   You’ve purchase or received collectibles or family heirlooms.  You may have built up a business during the course of your marriage.  You may have received a n inheritance.  Each marriage is different.  However, the common scheme is that these assets must be located, valued attached and properly distributed.

In some cases, you may have brought a significant asset into the marriage that you feel should not be shared by your spouse upon divorce.  You might have already had a home, business or retirement account that was obtained prior to the marriage.  You might have had an antique car or collectible motorcycle gifted by a relative.  Each situation is different and must be determined by the individual facts and circumstances in your marriage.

We will work hard to locate all assets, even those that may be undisclosed or difficult to find.  We will then help you to attach a value to each, through a variety of different methods.  Once we have a full picture of the assets in your marriage, we will work to ensure that you receive a fair portion of each.

Property division is a very important step in a divorce.  Not only does it determine which assets you will receive, but it also can impact child support and/or alimony.  Contact Christine G. DeBernardis to discuss your matter here online.


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