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parentalalienationA breakdown of a marriage, separation of a family, action of paternity or initiation of any family law proceeding is often a devastating, unfamiliar experience. You may find yourself in a position where you just received paperwork filed by your husband and you have no idea what comes next.  You may find yourself in a position where you want to file but you are petrified to do it.  You may feel like there is no way that you can survive financially during a divorce.  You may be panicking that all of your hard work and financial wealth is about to be divided.  Most people do not know this process and have many questions about what to do, how to do it, what to consider, how much it will cost and chances of success.   That is where Christine DeBernardis can help.

You have so many questions.  Your friends and family are trying to help, but you don’t know what is right and what is wrong.  What is your primary goal?  What do you hope to have as your parenting plan?  Are there particular needs to address for yourself or your children?  Is there debt to pay off?  Do you have high assets that may be at risk?  Did you have assets prior to marriage that you hope are not divisible?  Is there an inheritance for either party?

Knowledge is power. We will explain the process of your particular action in detail so that you are prepared and know what to expect.  With my guidance, you will be confident with each step and know what could happen, both good and bad.  You will be guided through the process and assisted with preparing documentation and testimony.  You will be given the information that you need to consider for every issue to make informed decisions about your future.  You will be advised if your position and expectations are realistic.  You will be zealously represented for this very important proceeding in your life.


Depend on Christine’s knowledge, experience and compassion to help you with your family law matter.  You can reach us in Massachusetts online here.  


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