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Child Support

Is child support calculated from my gross or my net income?

Child support is calculated from your gross income, prior to any deductions.

Does the Court take into account that I pay support for a child born from a different relationship?

Yes. If you pay child support for a child separate from this action, and that order was effective prior to this case, you will be able to deduct the support from your income before calculating support. It is best to provide your attorney with the Order from that case and seek an opinion on whether it will be considered.

Is health insurance cost considered in the child support calculation?

Yes. Health, dental and vision insurance provided for the children is figured into the calculation. Essentially, it is a shared cost by the parties.

I don’t want to pay child support. Can I give up the rights to my child and not pay support?

This is not an acceptable method to avoid paying support. If you are the child’s parent, you are required to pay support. The only way that this would eliminate a support order is if you gave up your rights to the child and your ex-wife’s new spouse adopted the child.


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