For my Massachusetts Divorce, do I need my marriage certificate?

In Massachusetts, when you file a Complaint for Divorce, you must also file a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You may want to keep your copy or you may not have it. So, how do you get one?

This is an easy issue to resolve. Contact the city hall in the city where you were married. You will have to either go there, or send a written request, along with a nominal fee. They will ask for your personal information and your date of marriage. They will then issue a certificate.

If you do not have this certificate in time for filing your divorce matter, you can file a motion to file the certificate late. You would simply file the certificate when you receive it. This prevents you from waiting to file your divorce if the city takes a bit to get you the copy. Especially in emergency situations, or those where you need to have a very quick hearing, this can assist you by moving the matter forward without delay.

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