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What happens at a Divorce Pre-trial Conference?

Q: What happens at a divorce pre-trial conference?

A:  Hi and thank you for your question!

When a court assigns the case for pre-trial conference, the notice includes a mandate for a four way conference to take place with parties and their respective attorneys.  This conference must be done at least one week prior to the pre-trial conference and it is outside of Court.  The idea of this conference is to discuss all issues and attempt resolution of each in a more relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of the Court.    The parties review each issue to see on which they can agree. Whatever issues remain will be discussed with the Court at the pre-trial conference.

Many cases settle at the pre-trial conference due to the nature of the proceeding and the requirements.  Prior to this hearing, all records between the parties must be provided.  The parties should be ready for trial and aware of their position on each issue.  If the cases are not resolved at the pre-trial conference, the Court will give guidance on the remaining issues and try to assist the parties in settlement.  Any issues that cannot be resolved will be scheduled for trial.

Do you have a pre-trial conference coming up? Contact me to ensure that you are prepared and that you have completed all court required events.

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