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How do I manage my anger during the holidays?

My ex and I just went through a bitter divorce.  Now she has a new boyfriend (the cause of the breakup) and wants him to be part of the childrens’ Christmas, other holidays and vacation. I am very angry but do not want to taint my children against their mom.  I could care less about the new guy.  – Derrick

Great question Derrick.  This is a common post divorce scenario. Best advice is to try and remember that the holiday time with your ex is about your childrens’ time with their Mom, not your ex-wife.  It’s very difficult to see it that way but if you can see if through their eyes, it may help.  As for the new guy, he will never take your place.  You will always be the Dad. 🙂 For more on this topic check out our article here

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