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How do keep my divorce moving forward?

     This is a common question in my field and it’s one of the most difficult to answer, unfortunately. Divorces can take many paths. The outcome of each case is truly dependant on the parties. So, how can you keep your divorce moving forward toward resolution?

     Comply with the Court’s rules. At certain times during your case, you are required to complete certain tasks by the Court rules. It is your responsibility to know these requirements and to make sure that these tasks are completed. If you have an attorney, s/he will make sure that you are aware and you comply with these requirements. If you are pro se, or unrepresented, you must make sure that you learn the requirements and respond appropriately.

     Keep your eye on the goal – your divorce. It is easy to get side tracked by the emotions and small details involved in your case. Remember that you have a certain goal at the end of the process and work toward that goal. Do not argue with your spouse about topics that don’t matter. Do not fight about things that will be resolved later. Do not worry about the little details. Keep your conversations to the issues that you must resolve. Hold your temper. Work to come to an agreement on these issues (or let your attorney do so).

     Each time that you leave a court, you will be scheduled for the next event in your case. Keep track of this date and work toward preparing for that event. For each event, there are things that you can do to prepare. Perhaps you need to gather documents. Perhaps you need to do some research. Perhaps you need to speak to witnesses. Whatever it is, start earlier rather than later and make sure that you are prepared for that next event.

     Divorce is a process that can be very overwhelming and emotional. No matter how you decide to proceed (with counsel or without), it is best to keep your eye on the ball, so to speak, and work towards the end result. Gather your information and negotiate and agreement that works for you. It will always benefit you in the end.

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