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How long will it take to get divorced in NH?

As with many aspects of parenting cases, the answer is in the facts.  The amount of time varies drastically from case to case.  I’ve seen divorces that take exactly one month to complete and others that have taken as much as several years.  If you can agree on every aspect of the case and are able to submit a Joint Petition (or if a contested petition was filed), or a Final Decree (& Parenting Plan if there are children), you are simply waiting the time necessary to negotiate and draft these documents as well as the time necessary for the Court to review them and approve them.  If you have disagreement as to asset distribution, or parenting,  for example, the case can certainly take quite a long time to resolve depending on how much discovery is involved, the amount of motions that are needed, etc.  If you consult with an attorney, and there’s an idea of what is contested, you should be able to get a better understanding of the expected timeline in your particular case.

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