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MA: Can I Hire a Lawyer During COVID-19

Q: Can I hire a lawyer during COVID-19 with the courts being closed? Can they still work on my family law related case?


Even if the court is closed, having an attorney assist you is so important.  Most importantly, you should not go through this alone.  Having an attorney by your side removes the stress and anxiety associated with your case and gives you the peace of mind to know that your case is focused and stable.    Where everything is so uncertain, you will have one major life event under control. What are some other reasons to have an attorney assist during court closure?  First, an attorney will guide you through the process with reasonable expectations about timeline and progress.  Second, an attorney can advise you whether your situation warrants an “emergency” that would prompt a judge’s ruling even despite the closure.   Third, while you are waiting the court’s re-opening, an attorney may be able to negotiate certain provisions of support or parenting (or otherwise) that will make your situation better.  Fourth, there is always work to be done in a case:  financial disclosure, discovery, business evaluations, etc.  that can be worked on during closures to make good use of the time.  Finally, with an attorney’s advice, you know that you are taking proper steps and you are doing the right thing while the court is closed.  That ensures that when you do return to court, you are in the best position possible to litigate your case.

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