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New Hampshire: Child Impact Seminar – Updated Link

In New Hampshire, all parties to a divorce, or any case that surrounds parental rights, activities and/or responsibilities, must attend the Child Impact Program. This program is an educational program.  It is four hours long and discusses methods to help your child deal with issues involved in your separation, divorce or parenting related matter.

If you feel there is a good cause for you to be exempted from taking the program, you can file a motion asking the Court to exempt you. You will then have to demonstrate to the court that it is not necessary to attend and that you qualify for a waiver.

You are expected to register for the program prior to your First Appearance. You are required to complete the program within 45 days from the service of the Petition to the Respondent. If you cannot adhere to these time standard, you must file a motion with the Court to ask for additional time to complete this program.

For the Child Impact Seminar notice, click here:

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