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Paternity & Non-Traditional

Not every family is a “traditional” one made up of a biological mother and biological father who are married to one another and live in the same home.  The idea of a “nuclear family” is less common as society changes.  More and more, we see different types of families.  Families may include adopted children, step parents, step children, unmarried parents that live together, unmarried parents that live apart, blended families, same-sex couples, and extended families. Even for a “traditional” family, the law is not always clear.  With each variation in family dynamic, the legal concepts change and often get more complicated.  The first step in moving forward is to identify the issues and define the goals of your case.  Is there case law on your particular issue?  Has the Court decided this before?  What law can we find on your side?  How do we build the argument to support your intended outcome?  We understand that the “non-traditional” family issues can be tricky but will help you navigate through the issues and build a case that accomplishes your goals.   Don’t leave your family’s future to chance.  Don’t try to figure it out alone.  Contact me to discuss your case, and to review the particular facts and details of your family situation.

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