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Perfect Advocate

Ms. DeBernardis has been nothing short of the perfect advocate for me.  I can honestly say without hesitation that had I knew of her from the begging [sic] of my divorce, I would have had a much much smoother go of it and would have had a legitimately more favorable outcome.  I am very grateful, however, to have  found her on the tail end of it all and have her wrap it up for me.

She is the perfect blend of tough, when she needs to be, compassionate when the situation calls, patient when she knows I needed to vent, and firm with opposing council [sic] when the situation called for hit.  She also keeps expectations in check… but seems to exceed them at every turn.  She also is prompt in replying and is exceedingly fair with her billing.

I only wish I could do more than just write this testimonial for her to let her know how much I really do appreciate the exemplary service provided.  Whomever decides to use Christine will not be disappointed.  Guaranteed.

– Dan

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