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Family Law

Whether you need advice on a outstanding child support obligations, modification of a parenting plan, are considering, divorce or a potential custody issue, having knowledge will put your concerns at ease.  Christine can help advise you on the correct avenue for your situation.  

Divorce/Post Divorce

Divorce and separation are tough on a family.  Everyone wants to provide advice and it’s hard to know who to trust.  You need an advocate that is fair, experienced and compassionate.  Christine has over 20 years experience working with families in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 


An appeal is a request for relief from a decision of a lower court.  It’s basically asking the Court to overturn a lower court’s ruling, order or finding based upon the fact that the lower court’s decision was in error.  Christine is an experienced lawyer; both at trial and appeals.  She can help if you’ve been convicted at trial or received an unfavorable ruling in family court.  

Custody Law

When everyone claims to want the best for your child, it’s difficult to put aside your emotions as a parent.  Christine is parent and knows first hand how difficult that can be.  Knowledgeable in both the law and the court processes, she is a fierce advocate for the best interest of the child.

Criminal Cases - MA

The outcome of a criminal matter will affect your future. When you are in a difficult situation that requires the assistance of a knowledgeable, caring representative, turn to the Christine.  She has the experience to help you get the best results by making sure you have the facts to protect your legal interests.  Having an  experienced advocate on your side matters. 

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