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The questions on this page came in from visitors to our website or social media.  Some of these involved questions pertaining to law in jurisdictions outside of Christine’s practice area (NH & MA).  In those instances, you will note that we answered as if the person was in MA or NH for the benefit of our MA/NH readers.  However, it should be noted that readers who need counsel outside of Massachusetts or New Hampshire can visit to search for an attorney in the appropriate area.

We hope you will find this information helpful.  We also have many articles that we have written, often detailing legal aspects of family law, divorce, custody, child support guidelines and criminal matters on our blog pages which you can find here at Our Articles.

Visitation: Part 1: What happens if a parent never shows up for visitation?

     While you hate to give up time with your child, you know that the visitation with his other parent is good for their relationship, can be a very positive thing and (let’s face it) is a little break for you. Even if you don’t look forward to that time when your...