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Refusing to Include New Spouse in Communications Regarding Kids

My ex is refusing to include my new spouse in our communications about our kids. Can I legally obligate her to include my new spouse?  It seems like this would be simple and would be good for our kids, but she won’t do it.

Answer: I absolutely understand the usefulness of including your new spouse, but there is no way to mandate this, over objection, from your former spouse. There are only two people involved in the parenting of the kids in the Court’s eyes – you and your former spouse.  New significant others, spouses and other family are not part of the Court’s equation.  If you are in the midst of a negotiation, it might be something to work into an agreement.  However, if you ask the Judge to order this and your former spouse objects, it is very unlikely that the Court would mandate her to do it.


That said, the best approach here may be to have a formal introduction of the two and try to form a positive relationship.  I am sure there are emotions involved with a new spouse.  Taking this approach may ease that tension.  Quite often, the new spouse becomes an asset to a former spouse and a way to work things out without the aggravation of dealing with their former spouse.



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