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Contact Us TodaySeptember 27, 2023
Domestic Abuse During a Pandemic

Domestic Abuse During a Pandemic

The year 2020 is now behind us but in many ways, we are still living through a full scale pandemic.  COVID-19 hit this world  and affected us in a large number of ways we did not expect.  For many, being forced to stay in their homes, brought on anxiety, depression...

Complicated Case Involving Multiple Children

Christine represented me through a complicated divorce case involving multiple young children.  From the beginning, until ultimate resolution, Christine excelled in every area that mattered.   She possesses an uncommon level of dedication, commitment, and knowledge of...
Getting a Divorce Without Notifying the Spouse

Getting a Divorce Without Notifying the Spouse

The heading reads: “Man Got Divorced Without Ever Telling His Wife, Police Say”.  (  That title holds a lot of information.  Just reading the first part of the...
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