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Contact Us TodayOctober 4, 2023
Making an Appeal in Massachusetts

Making an Appeal in Massachusetts

Update: In recent news, Avery’s attorneys have submitted a number of appeals documents.  Several of these have been denied, however it appears one or more of these are still winding their ways up through the Appeals Courts.  Brandan Dassey, however, may have...

Missing Mollie – Trial Update

UPDATE According to the Des Moines Register, a trial date has been set for the man accused of abducting and killing Mollie Tibbetts.  The trial date is set for April 16th, 2019.  He is accused of kidnapping and killing Mollie while she was out for a run.  Updates can...
Should You Ask For a Lawyer?

Should You Ask For a Lawyer?

Asking for an attorney, whether you have committed a crime or not, is not only smart – it’s YOUR right.  In spite of news media or the way TV portrays our legal justice system, the right to counsel is one of the most fundamental parts of our justice...
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