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Free Consultation: Is it Worth It?

Free Consultation: Is it Worth It?

We often read other articles and posts and we came across a series of discussions recently debating whether or not there was a benefit to contacting an attorney for a free consultation.  While not all lawyers offer this service, our office does offer this service.  We...
Filing a Protective Order

Filing a Protective Order

Filing a protective order (209A) can be a scary time.  Maybe you aren’t sure where you will go.  Maybe you have children to consider.  Perhaps your family is not as supportive or available as you need.  There are places and ways to get help so that you are not...

Always Thinking

Christine handled my divorce and was always thinking about my best interests. She did not let me make mistakes. She never let me give up something for nothing. She asked me what I wanted and fought for it. She was always available and promptly returned messages. I...
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