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Christine has been practicing law in both NH and MA for over 20 years.  She takes pride in providing thorough representation of each client. 

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Absolutely Delivers Results

Christine is a true professional and absolutely delivers results, in both criminal and probate courts.  After several years of trying unsuccessfully to get a restraining order dropped on my own, I hired Christine and she presented a multifaceted and convincing argument which the Judge agreed with.  I am so grateful for Christine’s level of professionalism.   Christine authentically cares about her clients and the outcomes she is pursuing, and it shows in the results she has obtained for me and others in both Criminal and Probate court.   I am so happy and grateful for Christine’s engagement as her results and counsel have helped me rebuild my life after an disastrous divorce.

– Ted

Complicated Case Involving Multiple Children

Christine represented me through a complicated divorce case involving multiple young children.  From the beginning, until ultimate resolution, Christine excelled in every area that mattered.   She possesses an uncommon level of dedication, commitment, and knowledge of applicable law.  In my experience, her honesty and candour starkly distinguish her from many others in the field.  

Christine has rightly earned the respect of both her clients, colleagues and opposing parties through consistent pursuit of fairness on behalf of those she represents coupled with hard work, drive and an uncommon level of self-accountability.

Through effectively listening she captures her client’s goals and pairs them alongside her successful previous experiences and concisely communicates to achieve the desired end state.  

A broad history of real-world experience, and the manner in which she engaged with others throughout those experiences, have resulted an extensive book of meaningful contacts and relationships that can only strengthen the position of those she represents.  

Perhaps the story of how I was referred to her might tell it best: A trusted friend pointed me to a respected lawyer on learning of the circumstances involved in my case…but one who did not practice in the state where my case was filed.  I contacted the reference, provided a brief overview of my case, and asked that they recommend an attorney that was admitted in the state of my filing.  Without hesitation, a single name was provided.‘Christine DeBernardis’ he said.  Assuming this was the first of multiple names I patiently sat silent on the phone waiting.  When I was met with silence, I replied Are there names of others you could strongly recommend?’ No’ was their reply.  It was both succinct and telling.  I now understand what they already knew then.  In writing this I am now passing along to you the same advice I was received.  

-BF 2020

Perfect Advocate

Ms. DeBernardis has been nothing short of the perfect advocate for me.  I can honestly say without hesitation that had I knew of her from the begging [sic] of my divorce, I would have had a much much smoother go of it and would have had a legitimately more favorable outcome.  I am very grateful, however, to have  found her on the tail end of it all and have her wrap it up for me.

She is the perfect blend of tough, when she needs to be, compassionate when the situation calls, patient when she knows I needed to vent, and firm with opposing council [sic] when the situation called for hit.  She also keeps expectations in check… but seems to exceed them at every turn.  She also is prompt in replying and is exceedingly fair with her billing.

I only wish I could do more than just write this testimonial for her to let her know how much I really do appreciate the exemplary service provided.  Whomever decides to use Christine will not be disappointed.  Guaranteed.

– Dan

Always Thinking

Christine handled my divorce and was always thinking about my best interests. She did not let me make mistakes. She never let me give up something for nothing. She asked me what I wanted and fought for it. She was always available and promptly returned messages. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Eager to Help

Despite the circumstances leading to my hiring Christine, working with her on my case turned out to be a pleasure. She is very communicative, understanding, and made my divorce process as quick and smooth as possible. 

I reached out to her after the case had closed for needed documents and she responded same day eager to help. I would absolutely recommend her for any legal work regarding divorces, custody, child support, etc –