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Topics You Should Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer is the first important step in a long list of your divorce. Once you retain a lawyer it is vitally important that you communicate openly and honestly with her.  She is there to to advocate for you to get the best solution for your situation. We often receive a number of questions about topics you should discuss with your divorce lawyer.  Here are some of the top items:

How quickly can I get my divorce?

While we understand the necessity of wanting to move on with the new chapter of your life, it is vitally important that you take the time to close things out properly.  Making sure that the agreements, court orders and any financial arrangements are to your satisfaction will save you countless time and money later in court fees.  It will also help you later with anxiety and frustration arguing back and forth with your ex.  Taking the time to spell things out properly can help save everyone aggravation in the long run.

Can I introduce my new partner before this has finalized?

Having a new relationship is exciting.  Finding the right time to introduce him/her to your child or family members is key.  It is our advice that you wait until everything has been completed before bringing in a new person.  Although it may appear that everything is going smoothly with your divorce, the introduction of a new person can create issues. It’s best to wait just a bit longer to be on the safe side.

Do I need to include financial issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosure or other credit issues?

Disclosing any and all major indebtedness such as repossessions, bankruptcy, foreclosures or other issues is essential.  Your attorney will need to have this information when she works on your divorce.  If you have any paperwork related to these events, you can speed up the process by bringing them with you to your appointment.

Do I really have to disclose the fighting that we have had in the past since we have agreed to end the marriage?

If there has been, or continues to be, any physical or mental abuse in the marriage, your attorney should know.  Chances are, this will play into the divorce in some form or fashion.  It is also helpful for your lawyer to know so that she can be prepared in the event that she needs to take precautions to protect you in the future.  Although things may seem calmer now, may be calmer now, tensions have a way of rising to the top during divorce in a way they may never have.  It’s best to be on the up and up and let your lawyer know the details. If you are trying to leave an abusive situation, you should also let your attorney know that as well.

My ex wants to use alcohol or drug use against me to keep our children.  Can I fight this?

So that you have visitation  or parental rights of your children, it’s critical that you share these details with your lawyer.  Are you still using? How long have you been sober or clean? Have you been to rehab? Did you use in front of the children? A court will take substance abuse into consideration when awarding physical custody of your children because the court wants to do what is in the best interest of the child.  In order for your attorney to present the strongest case for you, she must know how to fight for you.  She can only do that if she has all of the pieces of the puzzle.  If you are still using alcohol or drugs, she she can help you put together a plan to ensure the safety of the children and protect your right to parenting time.

These are just a few of the topics you should discuss with your divorce lawyer.  If you have questions like these or others, please contact us.  Christine offers a free consultation so that you can be sure you have the right attorney for your situation.  She is licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  She is experienced in divorce, family law and child custody situations.  When you need someone with the compassion to understand your situation, the integrity to stand strong and fight for you and the honesty to help you face all of your options, you can count on Christine when it matters the most.

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