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Should I contact an Attorney about Divorce?

If you’re having trouble in your marriage, you feel overwhelmed.  You feel like it’s going to get better, yet it never does.  Your friends and family may be unaware of the true depth of your situation.  Often this is when you may think: “should I contact an attorney about divorce?”.  It may be hard to consider this outcome. For many, divorce is the last possible option to consider, truly, it should be something to really think through rather than a rash decision. The thought of speaking to an attorney may seem like the last thing that you want to do. Though this is completely understandable, you may benefit from seeing an attorney now rather than waiting.

Advice is Education

When you seek the advice of counsel for a divorce, you will be educated on the process, the time line, the cost and the legal issues for your divorce. You will hear from friends that “this is what happens” or that “their friend” had a certain issue. You may read information on the internet and glean knowledge from that. Rather than rely on another person’s experiences, learn from a professional who is trained to help you with the best advise and will be your advocate.  See this article on Not Listening to Family and Friends for legal advice regarding divorce.

Surprisingly, a consultation may put your mind at ease. Knowing what to expect, and that things may not be as difficult in your future, can be very settling. At first, you may feel as if you cannot survive financially after divorce. You may worry that your spouse is entitled to a certain asset. You may not understand how custody and visitation works. A consultation with an experienced family lawyer can help you breathe a sigh of relief. You will know your options and begin to prepare.

Advice is Preparation

We don’t want to paint a picture that divorce is always easy.  Sometimes, a consultation shows that life will be more difficult than you expected. Perhaps you will suffer financial strain. You may see your kids less than you wish. You may have expected a certain division of assets that you now learn is not realistic. This is not a positive outcome of a consultation but having had that consultation, you can begin planning for this future and be prepared for it when and if it does happen.

If you are in the midst of a divorce or considering divorce, contact me by phone or email.  I am ready to help you plan for the new tax law and address all of your concerns.  I begin with a free phone consultation.  If it seems that I am well suited to your case, we can then meet and further discuss the case.  Contact me to get the process started. Contact Us


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