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2017 Child Support Guidelines – Overview

As most of you know, the new version of the child support guidelines has now been released and were effective beginning September 15, 2017.  Every four years, a task force reviews input and issue regarding the guidelines, making changes to accommodate problematic, outdated or ineffective portions of the guidelines.  This year, we find many changes to the guidelines.  This week, I will focus on outlining the major changes that we see in the 2017 Child Support Guidelines.

Major Changes

The major changes that you will see are as follows:

  1. Increase of the minimum child support order
  2. Addressing child support for children between 18-23 years old
  3. Removing the child support calculation that depended on parenting time (from the 2013 Guidelines)
  4. Factors to be considered in setting support
  5. Health care and child care costs
  6. Addressing parental contribution to post-secondary educational expenses.

You can find the new Child Support Guidelines here: 2017 Child Support Guidelines Page

Stay tuned for more information about these, and perhaps other, portions of the Guidelines in future blogs.  As always, the facts of your case are always what determines the outcome.  Our articles and blogs can give you general information, but specific legal advice, taking into account all of the facts in your situation, is always recommended.   If you have individual questions about your case, please contact me to discuss your situation.

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