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Avoiding Legal Issues

In my previous article, “What Type of Attorney Should I Hire,” I wrote about the importance of speaking with an attorney early on in your case to maximize any potential outcome you may have as well as choosing the right attorney for the type of situation, rather than utilizing software programs.  Read More. 

In this article, I will be discussing the types of issues you can avoid by hiring an attorney now rather than down the road.

Issues That Can Be Avoided By Hiring Now

It would seem to make sense that you would want to hold off spending money on an attorney until you absolutely have to, right?  That can, and often will, cost you more down the road.  When people proceed without an attorney, they make mistakes that hurt them later or require a lot of work to “fix.”  Depending on when it is made and what it is, sometimes an error cannot be fixed.  Avoid that issue by having representation from the very start.

I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying “timing is everything.” That really is the truth.  If you hire an attorney and the mistake has already been made (forgetting to file a pleading, not conducting discovery, etc.), the attorney may not be able to represent you as well and has less to work with in your case.  It also may cost you even more for the attorney to fix the issue than it would have cost for him/her to represent you initially.

Most cases have a certain time period in which you must bring suit (a statute of limitations).  If you miss it, you have no recourse.  I recently met with a woman who had a great case.  She had failed to contact me, or any other attorney, before her time to file had run out.  Where she had a good case, and likely would have received judgment or settlement, she now had no ability to bring an action.  She was understandably angry and frustrated.

Though software packages can be much less than an attorney, attorneys with specialized knowledge of wills, trusts or other family law topics will serve you much better.  Software can only take you so far.  They can’t evaluate your assets and help you decide which documents are necessary to ensure your wishes.  For more information on this topic read: Should I use Software Law Rather Than An Attorney.

If you are faced with a legal matter and you don’t know where to begin, start by consulting with an attorney. A consultation with an experienced attorney will help you know what to expect, what is important, and how to proceed. Speaking to an attorney can never hurt you.  At worst, you’ve spent an hour with an educated, experienced person and picked up a few good hints about your case. At best, you’ve stopped yourself from making a costly mistake.

I’m here to help. Contact me and we will discuss your particular situation.


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