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Court Closure Questions

We finally agreed on terms for modification of our parenting plan.  Where the court is now closed, does this mean that we can’t sign an agreement and submit it for approval?

Answer: If you are working toward a resolution of a case, always keep trying!   If you can agree, and you can reduce that agreement to a writing, everyone should sign all related documents and prepare a filing for the Court.   For certain types of cases, the Court will accept your agreement administratively.  For other cases, you may need to wait for a court date in the future for the court to approve the agreement and make it an order.  However, even in that scenario, the hard work is done and nothing stops all parties from following the terms of any agreement (exception here may be a modification of child support  – consult your attorney here).  The court closure is a new and unprecedented event, but the clerk’s office is doing all that they can to accommodate forward movement with cases in a reasonable, accepted fashion.   Consult an attorney for the best guidance in your case and for help with drafting the appropriate documents to ensure administrative approval of your case where appropriate.

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