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I Want to Fire My Lawyer!

If you have every said “I want to fire my lawyer, you are not alone”.  Many times during a case it can seem confusing or overwhelming.  If you are frustrated or dissatisfied with your attorney, are not happy with the speed, outcome or method of the case, or are at the point of wanting to fire your lawyer, consider these few points:


  • Take a step back: Don’t make this decision after a heated meeting, during a court appearance, etc. Take a step back and try to figure out what exactly is bothering you about your case. If you can isolate the issue, you can decide how to fix the problem.


  • Do not compare yourself/your case to others: Often I find that clients are dissatisfied with an attorney after they have compared their case to that of a friend or relative. Remember that each case is individual and it is very hard to compare cases to decide if things are moving along properly.


  • Talk to your lawyer: Whether you think that things are taking too long or not happening the way that you’d like, it’s time to talk to your attorney. Give her a chance to explain why things are happening as they are and decide whether the explanation makes sense. Remember that this is a process with which you are not absolutely familiar – but your attorney is – and your expectations may not be in line with how things truly happen. Then again, you may find that you are right on target and it isn’t a good match.


  • Consult with a different lawyer: A second opinion from another legal professional never hurts. Take your entire file to a different attorney and have a full consultation. Share your concerns about your current counsel. Outline your goals. Listen to the method that the attorney intends to use to help you meet your goals.


If you find that you need to find a new attorney, take your time and have patience to find the right person.   It’s not always a perfect fit, but you certainly want to feel as if you understand your case and you trust your representative.


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