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Is Mediation a Waste of Time for Us?

In NH, the court suggested mediation in our case. My husband is so inflexible and I’m worried we will never agree on anything.   Isn’t this just a waste of time?

In my opinion, mediation is rarely a waste of time.  Mediation brings parties to agreement on many issues which the parties (or their attorneys) never thought possible.   The key to mediation is to understand the process, be prepared and be flexible.  There is often an answer to the issues that can satisfy both parties leaving the decisions of the divorce to them and not to the Court.  Even if there is not a complete agreement, perhaps mediation is a way to resolve some of the issues in order for the parties to focus the litigation on the issues that cannot be solved.  At a minimum, the mediation permits conversation about the issues and an understanding of the other party’s point of view.  Even if you do not agree, it could prompt thought about how to resolve the issues or about what resolutions to rule out entirely.

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