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Can Child Support Get Money from A Second Job?

If I Get a Second Job or Have Additional Income, Will Child Support Be Changed to Include It? In Massachusetts, the court determines whether to consider income from a second job after examining the history of the income (for how long it has been received, whether it...

I’m in the military.  Which parts of my pay count as income

I’m in the military. Which parts of my pay count as income? Over and above basic pay, members of military have a salary that is divided into many categories.  Generally, all categories that provide income (basic pay), or that defray a personal cost are considered...
New Child Support Guidelines 2017 – Part 2

New Child Support Guidelines 2017 – Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our series on the new Child Support Guidelines (2017 version).  This section will address the increase to the minimum child support order.  If you missed our previous article, you can find it here, at:  New Guidelines Overview. Increase of...
2017 Child Support Guidelines – Overview

2017 Child Support Guidelines – Overview

As most of you know, the new version of the child support guidelines has now been released and were effective beginning September 15, 2017.  Every four years, a task force reviews input and issue regarding the guidelines, making changes to accommodate problematic,...
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