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Is It Safe To Leave an Abusive Marriage?

Is It Safe To Leave an Abusive Marriage?

A co-worker, “Pat”,  confides to you during lunch one day that her “marital bliss” has all been a sham and that she thinks she has just learned to accept her husband’s abusive behavior.  All of the stories she shares at work about her...
Is It Safe To Leave an Abusive Marriage?

Is Your Child Being Abused?

A common worry for parents often centers around protecting their child from people who prey on children.   Most children spend their days away from their parents in the care of others, in school, kindergarten, daycare and so forth.  So, what if you suddenly notice...

Cheating Spouse: How Do You Know?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been all over the news lately about their divorce.  There have been numerous reasons cited for the divorce.  Everything from drug abuse to physical abuse to affairs.   Both have been married AND divorced more than once.  In this and...
I Want Her Out Now!

I Want Her Out Now!

I want him/her out – now! When a married couple agrees to divorce, it signals the end of the union. However, it is easy to recognize that there are still many unanswered questions. I am often  asked this question by one of the parties: “We have already...
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