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Massachusetts Contempt: Need to Know

Massachusetts Contempt: Need to Know

 Massachusetts Contempt: What is it? How do I address it? What are the remedies? I hear people use the word “contempt” all of the time, but there is a lot of confusion about contempt and what to do about contempt. Here’s more information about this issue. What is it? ...

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Attorney DeBernardis was exceptionally calm, kind and helpful when I needed her services. She communicated in a method that worked well for me and met my needs and questions very quickly. My case was slightly unusual and Attorney DeBernardis assisted me every step of...

Divorce Without Consent: Can I divorce without my spouse’s consent?

A very common question is whether you can get divorce without consent.  Of course! The old adage that you need your spouse to “give you a divorce” is no longer. You can proceed with a divorce even if the other party does not want to divorce. You don’t need a spouse’s...
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