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Contact Us TodaySeptember 26, 2023

NH: Can I Hire an Attorney During COVID-19

For my New Hampshire clients, here’s the update:   Currently, the Courts are closed.   You may not go to the court, but the Family Division is conducting some of the court’s business behind closed doors.   Here’s what to expect: In an emergency situation,  you...
MA: Can I Hire a Lawyer During COVID-19

MA: Can I Hire a Lawyer During COVID-19

Q: Can I hire a lawyer during COVID-19 with the courts being closed? Can they still work on my family law related case? A: Even if the court is closed, having an attorney assist you is so important.  Most importantly, you should not go through this alone.  Having an...

Parenting During a Pandemic FAQ

We understand that the past couple of years has been an unusual time in our history.  We are writing FAQ’s as we receive questions.  Please keep those questions coming in and we will do our best to respond.  This article  that may help you as well.  Remember...

Court Closure Questions

We finally agreed on terms for modification of our parenting plan.  Where the court is now closed, does this mean that we can’t sign an agreement and submit it for approval? Answer: If you are working toward a resolution of a case, always keep trying!   If you can...
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